Crown of Bohemia – Coronado’s Official Flower

July 16, 2009

Crown of Bohemia2 In 1968, the Crown Garden Club was approached by the mayor of Coronado about finding an official flower for Coronado. The board of directors for the garden club did some research and ultimately decided on three choices to be voted on at that year’s Coronado Flower Show. Voters at the show picked the Crown of Bohemia hibiscus by a wide margin probably because it seemed the perfect choice for a number of reasons: it could be found growing in gardens all over Coronado and the word Crown was in the name! Its beautiful yellow-gold color with a reddish-orange center, and full, double flowers seem to symbolize the Coronado’s climate and flora perfectly. When you drive over the bridge, just as you enter Coronado, Crown of Bohemia hibiscus bushes are in the center median, welcoming all to Coronado.

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Gary Gostigian September 6, 2016 at 8:11 am

I had this exact Crown of Bohemia many years ago. Where can I buy another. I live in Florida now and would love to purchase another. I grew it in a very small greenhouse in New York and would put it outside during the warm summer months. Is it still available? Thank you.

Leslie Crawford September 30, 2016 at 9:28 am

Hello Gary,

I would assume that a reputable nursery can order this variety of hibiscus for you. I’m sure it will be very happy in Florida!

Thanks for reading….

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