Stapelia – Simple Pleasures

October 12, 2013

As evidenced two posts ago, I have moved.  The house was sold, the garden dismantled, plants given away, but a small collection of plants has traveled with me to my latest abode, a rental we’ll live in for a few months while our new little house gets a remodel.   A lot of my plants didn’t fare well because I withheld water to keep them light for the move, but it was also a hot week during our move so there was a lot of stress to me and the plants!  We’re all recovering and pots will thrive again, but in the meantime I had a little surprise when I looked out the kitchen window.  Two of my stapelias have bloomed – a big one and a tiny one.   Stapelia – simple pleasures…..


The flowers on this big guy are salad plate size.  Two blooms at the same time!

Stapelia These little guys are about the size of a dime.  Three flowers blooming together!

Stapelia big and small

Here’s a shot for comparison.  Always stunning!

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Sandra Roe October 15, 2013 at 5:17 am

Hi, I have a plant with a dark flower which is the same shape as this flower which would be like the larger specimen that you show, and it is a deep maroon color with lots of little hairs and a dark centre which seems to attracts flies and other insects. It is a fascinating plant and looks very much like the ones you show.
Do you think it would be a member of the same family.

Leslie Crawford October 15, 2013 at 9:18 am

Hi Sandra, I, too, have a stapelia that is that variety, but no blooms on it this year. It is a beauty, for sure. Thanks for reading! Leslie

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