Succulent Trolls

March 19, 2016


Succulent Trolls – My collection of trolls has been languishing in a drawer and it was time to give them another succulent makeover.  I’ve got a nice collection of my little friends that I found in a basket at an estate sale and most of them had their hair chopped or had no hair at all, so they weren’t collectible anymore (for those who care!).

Succulent Trolls

The little guy in the middle has rocked his Tillandsia hair for a few month. What a motley crew!

My next job was to explore the garden and take cuttings.  I tried to mix succulents to create different hairstyles or whatever it is we’re calling it.  I filled the bigger trolls with dirt for a little growing medium. The last time I planted my little friends, I just jammed the succulents in and they lasted for a little while, but like everything that grows, it helps to put down roots and have something to feed on.  Eventually, the succulents started stretching or wilting and it was time to clean out the trolls.  I’m hoping, with a little dirt, that this round will last longer.  Okay, here’s my little clan with a quick makeover…..

Succulent Trolls

What a happy group they are!

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