Making Lemonade!

March 24, 2016

There are two clues that Lassie, the puppy, has been here.  Can you see them?   Besides the obvious tennis ball, the other clue would be chewed and dug up succulents.  Lassie is not helping in the garden, but I’m learning to roll with the digging and chewing and getting better at puppy proofing!

Making Lemonade!So, I say a little mantra a few times… “this isn’t planted in the right place” …and I pulled the succulent  out of the ground and filled in the hole with dirt and stones.

Making Lemonade!From the mess I am able to pull things apart and make a bunch of new succulent starts.

Making Lemonade!Check out the pups along the stem. I’ll cut off the top and the bottom and stick the piece with the pups in the ground.  The pups will get bigger and fill out.

Making Lemonade!

I also pulled off bigger pups which I can plant in a pot.   So, from one clump of succulents, I end up with a nice collection to fill in some spots in my garden.  I’m making lemonade!

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