Don’t Let the Fancy Talk Scare you

April 2, 2016

With all the discussion about “Sustainable Gardening”, “Going Green”, and “Organic Gardening”, it can be overwhelming for the gardener. I say, let’s stop all this fancy talk and get back to basics. Which is really what the fancy talk is all about.

First, let’s read the gardeners definition of “Sustainable Gardening”: Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment. Basically, good gardening practices.

Next up, “Going Green”: Reducing your overall impact on the environment by reducing your energy usage, recycling, using public transportation, buying local products, etc. Easy enough, and I think us gardeners tend to follow this philosophy in our daily lives.

Lastly, “Organic Gardening”: this definition is a moving target, but for the most part, the practice rejects using any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers; instead, using the materials nature provides us, such as compost, mulch, and natural predators to nurture plants and control pests and diseases, hoping to minimally affect your environment.

If you are recycling in your household, composting, mulching, planting to invite beneficial insects, or using drip irrigation, then you are on the right path. Use all the fancy words you want, it’s simply a philosophy to pay more attention be less wasteful and more thoughtful, in your garden and life in general.

See, that wasn’t so scary, was it?

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