Aloe Leaf Propagation

April 27, 2016

Aloe destructionHaving a puppy has its challenges, and Lassie has challenged my garden quite a bit over the last few months.  Today’s victim was a pretty aloe that spanned this pot.  The yellow arrow is pointing at what’s left of this pretty aloe.  There are a couple of pups that were hiding under the plant before Lassie chewed it up so that was a nice surprise.

2016-04-24 10.12.01I found a few leaves that Lassie hadn’t destroyed yet, so I’m going to give aloe leaf propagation a try.  I like this particular aloe a lot because of the pink edges and dots.  I would love to make more of these beauties.  I cut them as close to the base as I could, leaving a clean, straight cut that I let heal over for a day.

I use a porous potting mix.   In my reading, it was suggested that the cut end be dipped in a rooting compound before being placed in potting soil.   I stuck three pieces in soil without using Rootone.

Aloe Leaf Propagation Aloe Leaf Propagation

I dipped the last two leaves in Rootone and planted them the opposite direction so I remember what I did!   I won’t water this for  a few weeks.   It will be placed in an area with good light, but I don’t want the sun hitting full blast because I think it will fry these leaves. I guess it will take about 4 to six weeks for roots to develop for repotting.

Aloe Leaf Propagation Aloe Leaf Propagation

Now we wait…..   If they actually do set off pups, I’m interested to see how much difference the Rootone makes.  I’ll report back on this eventually.


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