About Us

Really, it’s just About Me. I’m Leslie Crawford: Master Gardener, Coronado Flower Show chair 2008-2009, Coronado Floral Association President 2009-2012, Horticulture Chair of both my garden clubs, aspiring flower show judge, writer and gardener. I’m a lot of other things, too, but I digress, and anyway, this is a gardening blog. 🙂


I’m all about fun and learning. What better place to do both but in the garden. My garden is ever-changing and I don’t think the word “finished” will ever be used to describe it. I live in a beautiful town, heaven on earth really, but I could use more gardening space, so one of my goals is to maximize the use of my property for growing purposes. Fortunately, my husband is a willing participant!


I say Potatoes…..

I grow a lot of food, raised two chickens until my neighbor raised a stink, and I LOVE succulents. Four cats, one dog, two grown sons and a husband round out the picture. I try to walk on the beach at least once a week, I cruise alleys looking for treasures, and I’m an Optimist. Life is GOOOOOD!

Leslie Crawford