Author: Leslie Crawford

Propagating Succulents

I am forever taking cuttings from my plant collection.  It can be slow but it’s satisfying work, and I have so many plants now I can share freely with my friends. Did you catch my Sept 9, 2017 article in the San Diego...

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Elements & Principals of Design

Elements & Principals of Design through courses at Flower Show Judge school.  It was all a bit overwhelming at first but after awhile I found I was using them in my everyday life.  Think of ‘elements’ as the...

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Seed Catalogs

How to read a seed catalog:   Seed Catalog Growing Veggies is easy!  Veggie Cheat sheet Things to watch for: Spindly Seedlings

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Monthly Garden Tasks

Southern California may not have dramatic seasons, but there are different, monthly tasks that need to be done in our gardens.  GO HERE for a breakdown of each month of the year.