Miscellaneous Monday 2-25-19

I have always been fascinated with historic ephemera. The links below are a collection of pictures or drawings of fruit, herbs and other miscellaneous flora from a century ago or older. It’s Monday and a little decompression is always in order. These images should help. Enjoy!


Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium

Beautiful drawings of 7500 Kinds of Fruit 

Old Drawings of Apples

Old Drawings of Strawberries

Seed Packets a Century Ago

A Botanists Drawing of 19th Century Cuban Flora 

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Pruning Tips and Tools

I belong to a Facebook page called San Diego Gardener and get lots of great info there. This video is especially good and worth the 20 minute watch.

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Kishu Tangerines

My tree is loaded this year! They are exactly what I wanted my tangerine tree to be, although they aren’t as sweet as they could be. Other than that, I love that the skin almost falls off and there are NO SEEDS!

I bought this tree three years ago and it was called a citrus cocktail because there were five different kinds of tangerines grafted on to the main trunk, but the Kishu has become dominant and I’m pretty happy about that.

Kishu Tangerines are weighing heavily, in a good way!
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Splitsville – Root Strength

I heard a weird popping sound the other night and couldn’t figure out what it was until I took my morning garden walk yesterday.

I’ve had this Elephant’s Foot AKA Pony Tail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) for about 34 years.  The last time I repotted it was four years ago. How’s this for the power of nature?!  This was the fourth pot that this plant has split over the last 12 years so I think this monster’s next destination will be in the ground.

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