December in the Garden 2018

December in the Garden is posted for your reading pleasure.

A lot of your plants may be looking a little stressed right now.  That’s okay, it’s just that time of year.  Plants are resting, storing up energy for spring growth.   The big jobs to focus on this month are keeping the garden tidied up, and mulching for root protection and to prevent soil compaction with the rains that are being predicted.  And most importantly, as always, enjoy your garden!


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A New Day….

After a week of blustery rain, the sun came out today and the garden came to life. I was glad to spend time outside with my plants. There was a bit of wind damage, but rain has a way of making plants look so vibrant and fresh. A good flushing does wonders.

I assessed the garden to see what kind of damage occurred from yesterday’s hailstorm. This echeverria’s tender leaves show how hard the hail came down – hail holes! Fortunately, that was the worst of it.

Damage from hail

I had to fill up the bird feeders because the birds were out en masse and they were hungry! This pretty little bird is a House Finch.

I found a special treat today – a new butterfly just emerged from its cocoon. It spent the day sunning itself, looking more vibrant as the day went by. A little miracle….

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