San Diego Climate Zones

San Diego County has six major climate zones which is important to know when you are planting.  The San Diego County Water Authority breaks down the different zones to help guide you in your planting choices to manage your water resources efficiently and grow plants that are suited well to your environment. WIthin these climate ranges are microclimates, more specific to conditions of a particular location.  A good example of this might be living in a valley or on a hillside where wind and sun might be variables dramatic enough to create different growing environments with a a climate zone.

San Diego’s Six CIMIS Climate Zones


On this Day in History – March 24, 1940

On this Day in History – March 24, 1940

March 24, 1940 – Kate Sessions, “Mother of Balboa Park” died at age 83.

Kate was a renown horticulturist trained at the University of California Berkeley.    Kate operated a nursery in San Diego, and supervised the plantings at the Hotel del Coronado.    The City of San Diego let her use 30 acres in Balboa Park rent-free, in exchange for her planting 100 trees a year in Balboa Park and donating another 300 trees for planting around San Diego.   Kate Sessions was a woman with vision who left us a legacy of trees. 

Happy New Year!

May your plants grow big and strong and pests in your garden be few.  


Happy Spring 2019!

Spring has sprung! Mi Esposo and I took a daycation out to the desert a couple of days ago and saw beautiful vistas of wildflowers in bloom. We did a big circle out Hwy 8, through Ocotillo, over to Borrego Springs, up Banner Grade to Julian, through Cuyamaca, then home. Weather was beautiful and crowds were minimal in the middle of the week.

Miscellaneous Monday 12-10-18

I’m starting to get in the holiday spirit.  Cold weather and some rain has been great!

Agroforestry – growing crops under trees

Taking hardwood cuttings: a tutorial

Fresh vs. Fake:  What kind of tree are you getting for Christmas?

I’m a bit of a birdwatcher.  Here’s a site with bird info: All About Birds

A lovely start to your week. Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty.Gratitude.

Caterpallor (n.): The color you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you’re eating.

Happy Monday and have a nice week!

Miscellaneous Monday 12-03-18

Who needs a greenhouse?  Here’s a catalog called The Green House Catalog

I have never been very successful with African Violets, but I do love them.  Here’s a growing guide – maybe there’s hope for me!

There are a lot of options available for ground covers: Stepables – plants that tolerate foot traffic.

Here’s a fun idea for gifts:  Chalk painted pots

Here’s some Monday beauty for you:  The Giant Sequoia – impressive in size and beautiful

Happy Monday!!!